May 30 • 1HR 2M

"Gas prices have peaked!" W/ Energy Expert Gabriel T.

Many predict the geopolitical tensions between east and west will lead to rising gas prices, but what if that's not the case? The bearish case for gas is actually very strong.

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Juan Galt
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Hello everybody. In this episode of the Juan Galt podcast, we talk to Gabriel, an energy consultant who believes the price of gas has peaked, a somewhat contrarian position among right-wing analysts.

If you are as fascinated by geopolitics and economics as I am, you are gonna enjoy this conversation.

Check out the rapid-fire questions for members only with Gabriel T. over here as well.

Show Notes:

Here’s the source story about how the US blew up the Nordstream Pipeline.

As for the real proportions of land throughout the globe, check this out…

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