Jul 7 • 2HR 26M

Jameson Lopp - All Degrees Of Self Custody

Why not just have Coinbase hold your Bitcoin? Blackrock seems to think it's a good idea...

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Juan Galt
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This episode of The Juan Galt Show with Jameson Lopp now stands firmly in the lgendary box, in my totally unbiased opinion. :)

But seriously, check it out for your self. We walk through every question of self custody that I’ve had to deal with in my consulting, from why take self custody at all, to the cutting edges of Cashu and Fedi style collaborative custody. I’ve never heard a deep dive like this one and I suspect you have not either.

Do let me know what you think and special thanks to the BitcoinNews.com team for facilitating this interview. Check out their conversation with Michael Saylor. It was pretty epic.

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Also, see you on Today’s Twitter Spaces show with Porf St Onge, libertarian economist! Time to talk macro, cbdcs and niche lolbertarianism.


Juan Galt.