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Javier Milei Special W/ David Puell & Adam Dub

Javier Milei Special W/ David Puell & Adam Dub

An Anarcho Capitalist President in Argentina!?

Had the pleasure of discussing Javier Milei with non other than David Puell, investment analyst at ARK Invest. As well as Adam Dub, investment analyst at Ichi Fibonacci. All while tumbling down the rabbit hole of the anarcho capitalist presidential front runner in Argentina.

We discussed the good, the bad and the ugly of Mr. Milei, including what most are not likely to see as his greatest vulnerability. His bias towards private sector fraud.

As an ancap, I’ve seen plenty of it among my peers and heroes, it is a sad reality that while anarcho capitalists are very well versed on nation state fraud, they seem to not have much of an answer, or the stomach to try and prevent the many ponzi schemes and other scams that private individuals are so good at inventing.

Mr. Milei has a bit of a disappointing history with such scams, however I find my self tolerating this weakens in his profile, given the absurdly flashy and confusing circus that the crypto industry can be during a bull market. He should learn from it however and watch his flank from the worst of the private sector.

On all other fronts, Milei is picture perfect. His economic policy looks deeply thought out, his analysis of dollarization makes a great deal of sense to me for Argentina, his openness to currency competition is good for them and the world. His position on school vouchers for the public education and university system, as well as his preference for deregulating private gun ownership are also on point.

All of them are sensible policies that are proven to improve civilian security and private wealth. Which is what anyone who is not a communist should aspire to.

Anyway, this is what we talk about, we navigate many of these issues in our conversation, including some deep dives into Argentina’s economics, and the hard choice the country faces, as their future hangs between Milei and more of the same in alliance with the Bricks and IMF.

Do let me know what you think bout this topic and about Milei.

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